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Welcome to EXTREME FLOORS concrete flooring and surface solutions
Epoxy Flooring systems provide for a durable surface for hi foot traffic areas.The great thing about vinyl flooring is that it provides a relatively continuous covering without the gaping seams and natural absorbency of wood or the grout lines of ceramic tile. It's this skinlike quality that makes vinyl flooring so attractive.

EXTREME FLOORS offers the highest quality seamless vinyl floor finish available in almost every imaginable color combination.

To have one of our representatives assist you with your Epoxy Chips Vinyl Chip flooring installation requirements please contact us by calling (904) 386-2089 or fill out our Online Quote Request Form for a quick email response.

EXTREME FLOORS offer a wide range of concrete flooring and surface solutions
An Epoxy Chips Vinyl Chip System is an alternative to Granite or Terrazzo flooring, with much more versatility. It provides all of the beauty of Terrazzo, with virtually none of the upkeep. An Epoxy Chip System uses colored vinyl chips on a water based Epoxy base coat, which is then clear sealed with durable clear sealers.

It is a non-porous, seamless floor system, impervious to most staining elements including oil, grease and non-solvent based products. The sealer locks in the beauty, and locks out dirt, oil, grease and most common staining elements. The dimensional surface offers better slip resistance than Terrazzo. It is seamless and requires only a damp mop for normal cleaning.

EXTREME FLOORS offers innovative concrete flooring and surface solutions.
The Epoxy Chips Vinyl Chip System is ideal where a non-porous, seamless, decorative surface is required. This makes the system a practical choice for kitchens, garage floors, patios, pool decks, driveways, bathrooms, hospitals, schools, hotels, businesses, plus much more. Walls, countertops, pottery, ornnamental firgures and display structures take on a whole new attractive look when Epoxy Chip is applied. Epoxy Chip will adhere to practically any surface that is dry and free of contaminants.

Only a damp mop is necessary for normal day to day maintenance. For high traffic areas an electric scrubber can be used. If required, an additional seal coat may be applied. In either case, the Epoxy Chips seamless floor system is easy to maintain and will return to its natural beauty.

Advantages of using an
Epoxy Chips Vinyl Chip System Include:
  • Get more square foot coverage than any other chips
  • Blended to ¼" average size and colors for lowest price in the industry
  • Our simple unique method of broadcast insures a "one-time" broadcast for color uniformity
  • Epoxy/Vinyl chips can be custom installed to conform to any type of design or pattern drawn or sketched
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